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Crepe Station Menu

Catering Great Breakfast & Brunch Catering Idea!

What is more satisfying than watching chefs making your favorite crêpe!

Perfect your next wedding event, baby shower, birthday party Crêpes are a great idea for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Sweet Crepes Station Menu


(banana, peanut butter / nutella, whipped cream)


(strawberry, blueberries, nutella, whipped cream)


(strawberry  jam or peanut butter sauce, chocolate sauce, powdered sugar)

Sugar - Lemon

Bad Mouth 

(Oreos, caramel, chocolate  fudge, blue berries, strawberries, banana, whipped cream)

Build your own is possible!

Special Crêpes


A la Mode +$2

( Crème pâtissiere - Homemade French custard , raspberries, powdered sugar, mint)

Crêpe Suzette +$3

(cane sugar, lemon zest and Grand Marnier liqueur)


 Breakfast Crêpe

(Canadian Bacon or Ham, Swiss cheese, cracked egg fully cooked, caramelized onions spinach, maple syrup, salt & pepper)


(ham, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, spinach,  Salt and pepper)

Monceau V

(cherry tomatoes, spinach, mushroom, mozzarella cheese, herbs)

 Chicken Pesto 

(chicken breast, swiss and mozzarella cheese caramelized onions, spinach, tomatoes, pesto sauce)

Build your own is possible!

starting at $14.99

Vegan Options Available!

starting at $11.99

Savory Crêpe Station Menu

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